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George Mentz Elected by City Council Vote to Serve on the Colorado Springs Airport Commission

George Mentz Elected by City Council to Serve on the Colorado Springs Airport Commission

The Colorado Springs Airport, is about 1/2 the size of Manhattan in New York at 7,200 acres. The Colorado Springs Airport is city-owned & civil-military airport 6 miles SE of downtown Colorado Springs, in El Paso County, Colorado, USA, and the 2nd busiest commercial airport in the state after Denver. According to CDOT, COS Airport generates a combined impact of over $3.4 billion each year for the region with 1.6 million passengers per year.  

The city of Colorado Springs is about 195 square miles with El Paso County population at about 750,000 people with the largest or most populous county in Colorado, bigger than Denver County. Pursuant to City Code Section 14.1.101, the Airport Commission acts in an advisory capacity to the Mayor, the City Council and the City Planning Commission. The Airport Commission has 7 Members with 3 year terms. Peterson Space Force Base, which is located on the north side of runway 13/31, is a tenant of the airport.

Colorado Springs ranked number #1 in U.S. News and World Report’s “Most Desirable Places to Live” list for 2019 and ranked #2 in the nation in 2022. For the fourth straight year in 2022, Colorado Springs ranks 1st among all metro areas for “desirability” in the U.S. News & World Report’s annual list of Best Places to Live — the premier ranking index for cities. The second busiest airport in Colorado is the Colorado Springs Airport. Former AG/General and Mayor John Suthers is the leader of Colorado Springs and makes appointments to the Airport Advisory Commission where the City Council must review and confirm the nomination.

The City Council may appoint non-voting liaison members from various agencies and organizations. The Commissioners act on matters pertaining to land use, construction, planning or operation of the Colorado Springs Airport. Additionally, the Commission may act in an advisory capacity to the El Paso County Planning Commission and the El Paso Board of County Commissioners.

Trump Won Landslide on Election Day & lost 5 states days later

Trump Won Landslide on Election Day & lost 5 states days later. Jan 6th – 2 Women Murdered

President Trump walked out to speak to the media in the early hours the day After Election Day on: November 4. All TV news tickers showed the President with a comfortable lead over Joe Biden in nearly every key battleground state.
In the Morning after election day, Trump was essentially wining in a landslide by 296-241 in the electoral college. Trump was poised to win with well over 300 electoral votes. Most people went to sleep on Nov 3rd confident that the President had won reelection.
1) Pres. Trump won Pennsylvania on Election day, Trump won election day 56-43, a lead of just under 700,000 votes. Trump had already won the state as he spoke the day after the election.
2) Trump won Michigan on Election day, Trump won election day 53-45, a lead of nearly 295,000.
President Trump had already won the state as he spoke the early morning on the day after the election.
3) Trump won Georgia on election day, Trump won election day 51-48, a lead of nearly 120,000. President Trump had already won the state as he spoke the early morning on the day after the election.
4) Trump won Wisconsin on election day, 51-47, a lead of more than 116,000. President Trump had already won the state as he spoke the early morning on the day after the election.
5) Trump North Carolina on election day, 50-49, a lead of nearly 77,000. President Trump had already won the state as he spoke the early morning on the day after the election.
At that point, President Trump had won Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, and North Carolina. Trump had won these 5 states by over 1 Million Votes. Mr Biden had leads in Arizona and Nevada, of nearly 155,000 and more than 29,000 respectively. Biden also won Minnesota but that was very close also.
This was the first time in history that an Incumbant president won by landslide on election day but lost FIVE States days later by less than 45,000 votes total. In contrast, Bush v Gore was just one state in dispute where Bush got lucky and won by 500 votes after 10 recounts. This was also the first time any president such as Trump had won on election day and lost after winning Florida, Ohio and Iowa. Nobody had ever lost a US election since Kennedy after winning the centrist states of Ohio, Iowa and Florida.
Since the election, we now find that most states use electronics for vote tabulation, thumb drives, voting machines, and even use the internet in vote gathering and calculations. Thus, there are multiple points of attack of any state election from the standpoint of hacking, intentional coding errors, double scanning, printing ballots after election day, printing and mailing unsigned ballots of previous non-voters, and vote changing after scanning ie arbitrating a vote.
Most states own their voting machines, but nobody is sure if any voting machines and the software that comes with it have been analyzed for integrity hacking or fraud ? Even NBC says that voting machines may have parts from China and other nefarious sources that may have hidden insurrection code. Hillary Clinton claimed the national election was stolen from her due to Russian and Machines, while other Senators claim that Russia or bad actors have hacked voting machines. See Below Sources
Further, there were millions of votes that were discarded in prior elections due to lack of signature, residency, age, death, or other statutory requirements, but in 2020, almost 100% of ballots regardless of legality or signatures were counted.
Further, some states seem to have amost an impossible 90-100% registered democrat turnout in 2020 such as Colorado which has been voting by mail for years. With Colorado already being a mail-in state, there shouldn’t have been any new anomolies, but 400,000 new ballots showed up on Colorado in 2020 which looks like a statistical impossiblity. This implies that ballots were harvested and voted by proxy in 2020 by nefarious groups.
After winning by a landslide on election day, Trump’s victory was marginalized away days after the election where Biden won by a mere 43,000 votes in 3 states with over 1 million new ballots coming in days after the election. Three states decided the election and the margins of victory were razor thin according to the LA Times. While Biden won popular voting by 7 million votes, these votes were all in New York and California and Massachusets where Republicans don’t bother to vote at all, and Biden’s final victory was by a mere 43,000 votes in 3 states. Biden’s combined wins in Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin were less than 15,000 votes each if you divide the 43,000 votes by 3.
While Jan 6th was problematic, it was a peaceful protest where no police died according to the NPR News and no weapons were found. See Citation Below. Also, Senator Hawley had already pledged and vowed to vote against certification of the election which would have been a first for a US Senator; however, Sen. Hawleys hostoric vote was shut down by Pelosi and others who let the peaceful unarmed protestors into the Capitol.
Further, after leaders at the Capitol allowed the peaceful protestors inside to shut down the Historic Senator Hawley Vote, 2 unarmed women with theyr hands up were killed or murdered on Jan 6th. One of the women was an UNARMED war veteran Ashli Babbitt who was allowed into the Capitol and was senselessly shot in the face with her hands up, and murdered as she could not breathe and bled to death in our nations Capitol. The other woman was a minority lady named Boyland who was beaten and tortured by police on the Capitol Steps where she could not breathe and died. Both peacful protesting women were tortured to death and suffered on video for more than 10 minutes before dying of their homicidal wounds. Unarmed Senior Airman Ashli Babbit was shot in the face/neck by a dirty cop and murdered in cold blood where her wounds bled out from her neck and she suffocated to death by virtue of this negligence and attack on peaceful protestors.
In contrast thousands were injured and died in the summer of 2020 protests led by leftists and Marxists who fire bombed the church next to the White House, threatened the life of the President to go into the nuclear bunker, and shut down the government. Billions of dollars were lost and hundreds of businesses burned and fire bombed or destroyed by leftist Marxist and Maoist protesters in the summer of 2020 in the USA where over 2000 peace officers where injured and several were murdered.
Recently, the BIG FRAUD attempt to overthrow the government has been proven to show that the Clintons and the Democrats were promoting or fabricating fake evidence to dupe the FBI and DOJ into wiretapping Trump and his allies. The worst part is that the Fake Evidence on Russia was used to get untold wire taps which is 10 to 100 times bigger than the failed wire tap attempt in WATERGATE where 40 got felony convictions. Thus, on top of the Trump election day victory by over 1 million votes being flipped several days after the election, there was a 4 year fake investigation and fraudulent attempt to overthrow the US government by people knowingly using the fake Russia Evidence from Clinton’s team, MI6, Russian Spies, and others.
Senator Hawley Pledges to Vote against 2020 Electoral College Certification sending it back to the states. Hawley vows to challenge Biden electors, forcing vote McConnell hoped to avoid – POLITICO

The Wealth Management Handbook & Financial Planning Guide: Wealth Management according to Counselor George Mentz

Commissioner Mentz Publishes – The Wealth Management Handbook & Financial Planning Guide The Wealth Management Handbook & Financial Planning Guide: Wealth Management according to Counselor George Mentz eBook : Mentz, George: Kindle Store

This is a textbook used for wealth management VIP courses and study. This book contains the The Wealth Management Handbook & Financial Planning Guide: Wealth Management according to Counselor George Mentz by [George Mentz] fundamentals of financial planning, economics, banking, investments, debt management, risk management, retirement and estate planning. This book has been used for CWM Chartered Wealth Manager training and education for certification courses. This book is also used for ChFM Chartered Financial Manager education and certification training.

In roughly the late 1990s in the United States, there were three main areas of financial planning. The first was banking, the second was investment, and the third was the insurance or risk management part of the financial plan. In the late 1990s, the Glass-Steagall Act was repealed, which allowed investments, banking, and insurance to be combined and offered in a one-stop-shop format from a financial firm.

There are different types of financial planning. The basic areas of financial planning include a small family trying to do a budget, pay their bills, save a little, and maybe have life insurance or basic protection of risk. Then, when you eventually have children, those things change. You might start to save money or invest some. But the problem with investing and saving money is that if you are just putting your money into a certificate of deposit (CD) or something else these days, or putting it into the bank, you are not really going to earn money that will be enough to beat inflation. For the past 50 years, if you wanted to see an investment advisor or a financial planner, they would tell that you need to find ways have your money outgrow the pace of inflation in both the United States and abroad. As you know, a lot of the costs have gone up dramatically in healthcare, education, and even energy over the last 20 or 30 years—those things do change very quickly. Another thing I want to say is that no two families’ or individuals’ challenges are exactly the same with regard to financial planning. That’s what makes financial planning and wealth management so interesting.

Mentz –  Experts Have Immediate Worries Over the Stock Market Correction Looming

By George Mentz    |   Wednesday, 29 September 2021 08:27 AM

If you search then Internet news, you will find varying reasons or triggers why the stock market may be volatile. If you scan the news, you will see analysis and quotes from top organizations such as Morgan StanleyMarketWatchCNNBloomberg and Barrons — all of which write about a stock market correction that may happen in the near term.

What are the primary Black Swan events that could cause a market crash? It may not be just one variable, but a combination of three or four variables that push the economy into difficulties.

Shades of the Dot-Com Crash?
Some experts claim that the record price action is mimicking late 1999, and it could spark a 10% to 20% correction.

Stock Market Correction Possibilities & Variables to Watch:

1.)  A Correction is Overdue?

* We have not had a correction greater than 10% since the March 2020 COVID outbreak low.

* Morgan Stanley’s global investment committee expects a stock-market pullback of 10% to 15% before the end of the year.

2.)  PE Ratios Hit a Record High in August 2021

* On Aug. 16, the S&P 500’s Shiller P/E hit a nearly two-decade high of 38.91. For a historical context, the average Shiller P/E dating back 151 years is 16.84.

3.)  Delta Variant – New Covid Strains

* The new variants of COVID are spreading. New COVID strains are hitting people who have been vaccinated and those who are not vaccinated.

* The economic problem with new strains is that governments worldwide are restraining travel. Without the easy movement of people, transport stocks, energy companies, and tourism stocks are heavily affected.

* Policy of unchecked & unvaccinated immigration may leave the pandemic uncontrollable for the next year or two.

4.The Fed – Interest Rates and QE Quantitative Easing Tapering.

* Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell may buy less bonds in the open market. Thus, less liquidity and stability.

* If Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell raises interest rates, that raises the cost of student loans, auto loans, mortgages, and business loans. Thus creating artificial inflation. A meaningful correction will occur if interest rates are raised by any amount.

5.)  New Terrorism Possibilities ?

* If terrorism expands, a single event can create a dramatic stock sell off. It is reported that many top terrorist leaders have assumed new positions in Afghanistan. Nobody is sure if the world will calm down, or if new terrorist super states will create instability in Arabia, EU and USA.

* Domestic terrorism and riots in 2020 created much economic uncertainty because leftist insurrections in Washington DC created billions in damages nationwide & many problems with government functioning. For instance, the anti-Trump “fire bombing” of the church next to the White House caused the White House to go into “Bunker Mode” and caused a governmental shutdown.

6.)  Government Taxes & Spending

* If corporate taxes go back up to Obama’s 28% level and higher, the USA will again become the worst country in the world for corporate taxes. This will force money to stay offshore and companies will leave the USA

* Corporate tax hikes will reduce the amount of revenue available to pay wages and benefits for union jobs and employees.

* The government spending is actually keeping people from going back to work and also creating a shortage of skilled workers. This artificial wage inflation could hurt consumers and stocks.

* Personal Income Tax Rates are set to go up along with reductions in tax deductions.

* Estate Tax Rates are going up including higher capital gains taxes on estate assets.

* Capital Gains rates are going up big. This will affect long term gains. Expect to pay another 5-15 percent in federal taxes plus the Obama taxes. This would affect stock options also.

7.)  The Cost of Energy – Hurting Wages, Inflation, and Profits

* Since Trump left office, the cost of energy is up over 100%. While energy companies and some energy centric states do well with higher gas prices, real wages of workers is hurt by artificial increases of the price of energy and the associated taxes on gas.

* Moreover, tourism, transport and cost of food & goods are heavily impacted by the cost of energy. Thus, artificial energy cost increases actually creates inflation across the board.

8.)  Sovereign Risk and Geopolitical Concerns

* If any war breaks out, this could interrupt the global supply chain.

* Debt, printing money, and inflation are all affecting the risk of investing in nations or their currencies and companies.

9.)  Higher Fixed Income Yields

* If CD yields or Bond Yields go up, this could remove liquidity from dividend yielding stocks.

10.US Currency and Crypto

* If the US currency loses its status and the reserve currency, this will greatly reduce the power and strength of the US currency.

* If the value of the dollar goes down, exports would increase, but the dollar remains stable.

* If Cryptocurrencies begin to take a market share of savings and investments; then, the dollar, bank cash deposits, and AUM “Assets Under Management” may be reduced.

11.)  Supply Chain Issues

* In the last year, we have seen some shortages of: products, services, computer chips, workers, food, and other supplies including medical supplies and technological devices. If any link in the chain is disrupted, there may be a huge market correction or major damage inflicted upon particular industry sectors.

12.)  Consumer Confidence Big Losses

* In the last few months, consumer confidence took a beating. As per the Reuters, consumer confidence plummeted to decade low in August 2021. Further, consumers’ optimism about the short-term business conditions outlook deteriorated in August. Presently, only 22.9% of consumers expect business conditions will improve, down from 30.9%, and 17.8% expect business conditions to worsen, up from 11.9%.

13.)  Environmental Disasters

*  Fires, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Flooding, Droughts, Disease, Heat Waves, Tsunamis, and Winter Storms all affect nations and business. Other disasters include oil spills, nuclear disasters, toxic waste and related damages to people, places and the economy.

14.Unchecked Immigration

* Economic effects due to 2 million new immigrants coming to the USA during a pandemic and economic crisis. Will this affect unemployment, jobs, health care, education of citizens or local economies.

Economic Correction Conclusion:

In sum, this is a short list of potential problems that are looming. This list does not include bad political decisions made by lawmakers and leaders of any nation.

It seems that with the market at all time highs with the Dow around 35,000 and the NASDAQ over 15,000, stock markets are greatly overvalued. If corporate taxes go up, and individual tax rates are increased, this along with inflation and higher interest rates could be enough of a trifecta to manifest a 10%-20% correction.

Keep your ears and eyes open. If you hear that major banks or investment firms are putting cash to the sidelines, then that is a red flag event. Also, if Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell raises rates by any amount, then, the cost of money goes up – and the markets will correct quickly.

At this juncture, there are no perfect defensive positions, but there are leveraged bearish exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and other hedging, or shorting, investment products now to permit speculators to bet against the market. While nothing is perfectly defensive, stocks that are: “dividend growers”, financial stocks, and materials stocks tend to have some defensive and inflation protection. Further, people still argue for precious metals and related investments during tough times.

Overall, there is certainty in a few mathematical formulas. A Dow correction of 10% would be a subtraction of roughly 3400 points and 20% would be 6,800 point loss. Thus, a 20% drop would put the Dow at 27,800 and the S&P 500 down to: 3,566 from a high of 4,545. During these volatile times, some strategists say to park some money in cash. If you are a upcoming retiree, you may want to reposition some of your tax deferred investments into fixed income or cash to protect your TH “Time Horizon” for retirement.

George Mentz JD MBA CWM Chartered Wealth Manager ® is a licensed attorney and CEO of GAFM ® global education, which is an ISO 29990 Certified professional development company operating in over 50 nations. Mentz is an award-winning author and advisory board member to several companies around the world in education, charities, and FinTech Companies. Mentz can be contacted at or at his global certification training company

Estate Planning and Wealth Management 2021 – The Parabolic Shift

Estate Planning and Wealth Management 2021 – The Parabolic Shift

George MentzBy George MentzFriday, 16 April 2021 02:34 PMCurrent | Bio | Archive

There are several key issues in wealth management that are notable. Let’s review these futurist ideas and concerns.

  1. Estate tax rules are probably going be changed this year. Many will give millions each to children and grandchildren this year to avoid estate tax and gift taxes in the future.
  2. The federal estate tax and gifting exemption for 2021 is $11.7 million per person. It is double that for married couples.
  3. This threshold will probably go from $11.7 million down to $2 million-$3 million.
  4. Corporate taxes may also be increased from 20% up to 28%.
  5. COVID-19 has also created many issues in estate planning.

This will cause several movements in money and strategy

  1. Lawyers, accountants, and insurance pros will be busy through the end of the year.
  2. Life insurance sales will increase dramatically to wealthy families and business owners.
  3. Life insurance testing will increase dramatically. If you are healthy and insurable, consider yourself lucky that you can buy affordable insurance under the COVID-19 world we live in.
  4. The super wealthy may begin moving their corporate business activity offshore.
  5. Less money may be repatriated to the U.S. by U.S. companies.
  6. More folks will look for ways to invest in physical gold and physical silver.
  7. More folks will invest 5-10% of their wealth into crypto currencies provided it can effectively be hidden from estates using legal strategies.
  8. Countries such as China will have their own crypto soon.
  9. “Second to die” insurance will be popular again for families and trust planning.
  10. Many insurance companies will prosper such as: Manulife (MFC), Hartford (HIG), Aflac (AFL), Prudential (PRU), Sun Life (SLF), and Met life (MET).
  11. Various types of trusts will become a strategic necessity again including living trusts.
  12. Charitable giving, foundation creation, and other tax strategies will become more popular.
  13. “Key Executive” insurance and “cross purchase agreement” insurance may become more popular again.
  14. Leaving states with high income taxes or high estate taxes may also be stimulated.
  15. Establishing offshore companies in places like Dubai may again be inspired due to avoiding corporate, retained earnings, or estate taxes.
  16. Variable annuities may become popular again because 401(k)s are at an all-time high and can be rolled over to an annuity for retirees. Further annuities can be purchased with various features including a) Insurance and death benefit component b) Other features which may preserve principal contributions from a stock market correction.
  17. Many speculate that crypto currency and blockchain are still risky, can be hacked and that these types of assets an uninsurable in contrast to SIPC and FDIC accounts.

Due to globalization and people with multiple citizenship along with the use by the super-wealthy of: foundations and charities, nobody is really sure if the super-rich will even be affected by new taxes as the super-rich can move highly appreciated shares into a non-taxable vehicle, swap shares for other assets, or even move assets to another nation.

We will see over the coming months and years. To be sure, corporate tax hikes will not facilitate any more corporate tax payments as corporations will just spend or invest the profits to avoid taxes.  The above list is just to stimulate your thinking about your choices and financial strategy for wealth management. Please consult a locally licensed professional for making any important financial and legal decision.

George Mentz JD MBA CWM Chartered Wealth Manager ® is a licensed attorney and CEO of GAFM ® global education, which is an ISO 29990 Certified professional development company operating in over 50 nations. Mentz is an award-winning author and advisory board member to several companies around the world in education, charities, and FinTech Companies

Read Newsmax: Estate Planning and Wealth Management 2021 – The Parabolic Shift |
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President Trump Innovates Government Job Requirements for Skills and Certification – Competency-Based Hiring – June 26, 2020

President Trump Innovates Government Job Requirements for Skills and Certification – Competency-Based Hiring

June 26, 2020 

George Mentz, the CEO of one of the oldest certifying bodies in the United States, said, “We have been dedicated to skills innovation and credentialing based on accredited courses and graduate training worldwide longer than any other graduate organization. “As the gold standard in accredited certification, we are delighted that President Trump has innovated and improved the merit based evaluation of government employees.”

In signing an executive order, President Trump is innovating how the federal government does hiring, President Donald Trump took aim at the necessity of having skills above an beyond a diploma.

Trump, in ordering that the government move away from requiring that applicants just have a degree, said he wants to make it easier for those without a higher education to get federal jobs.

Degree-based hiring is especially likely to exclude qualified candidates for jobs related to emerging qualifications and technologies. The US government is refocusing on experiential learning, skills, certifications, and experience.

Therefore, the President is modernizing and reforming civil service hiring through improved identification of skills requirements, qualifications, certifications, designations, and effective assessments of the skills job seekers possess.

Therefore, George Mentz, CEO of the GAFM now says that, “Those with accredited diplomas who also cultivate valid experience through work and apprenticeships may now also be eligible for board certification and professional credentialing. In this way, we can help governemnts worldwide to refocus on competency-based hiring.”

2020 Key State Analysis – How winning CO, MN, NV, and NM could be  much easier in 2020 for President Trump. The Forgotten 25 Electoral Votes.

2020 Key State Analysis – How winning CO, MN, NV, and NM could be  much easier in 2020 for President Trump. The Forgotten 25 Electoral Votes.

By. G Mentz, Esq.

Against the 91% or higher predictions by the New York Times polling experts saying Trump could not win,  Donald Trump won  in a “30-state- landslide” in 2016. However, many overlook that President Trump lost several key states which had “Alt-Former-Republicans” on the ballot and further, Trump would have had much bigger victories in FL, PA, OH had these “former-republicans”  not been on  the state ballots.  As a note, Alt is a word sometimes used as an abbreviation for Alternative or by Hillary Clinton, but the world probably comes from the old European word “ALT” meaning OLD.  So, Alt-Republicans were old-line republicans who were uncertain about Mr. Trumps ability to lead in a moderate to conservative fashion in 2016, but these “2016 Republican/Libertarian Voters” may not have an alternative on the ballot in 2020 or may simply believe that Trump has kept his promises.

Key State Analysis

There are several states that Hillary Clinton won in 2016 where more than 50% of the people voted against her or for other candidates.  In contrast, several key states had Republican/Libertarians on the ballot.  If Trump picks up the Libertarian/Republican votes in 2020, he stands to pick up 7 more states and up to another 54 Electoral Votes.

States Hillary Won without a Majority

  1. Colorado  48.16%  with 9 Electoral Votes
  2. Minn.  46.44% with 10 Electoral Votes
  3. Nev  47.50% with 6 Electoral Votes
  4. NH 46.98% with 4 Electoral Votes
  5. NM 48.26% with 5 Electoral Votes
  6. Oregon 50.07% with 7 Electoral Votes
  7. Virginia 49.73%  with 13 Electoral Votes

This is How Trump Could win The Electoral College Even Easier this time

Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania could be tight, but if you remove the alternative-republicans, Trump can pick up another 2-3 percent of the popular vote in these states.  Remember, former-republicans on the ballot,  Johnson and Weld, earned 146,715 votes or 2.38% of Pennsylvania which would have given President Trump a clear and decisive early win of PA.   President Trump would have destroyed Clinton in Ohio had he received the 174,498 Alt-Republican votes received by Gary Johnson & William Weld, but Mr. Trump won Ohio anyway.  Further, if President Trump would have received the Alt-Republican vote in Florida of 207,043 votes or 2.20% for Johnson/Weld, it would have been a much bigger  victory for Trump.

  1. In Colorado, Former moderate-republicans, Gary Johnson and William Weld got a whopping 144,121 votes or 5.17% of the vote in 2016. Hillary Clinton only won by 135 thousand votes and another 70,000 votes went to the Green, Independent and Constitution party candidates.
  2. In Michigan, Gary Johnson and William Weld got a formidable 172,136 votes or 3.59% of the Michigan votes.
  3. In MN Minnesota, the Alt-Republicans (Gary Johnson & William Weld) got 112,972 votes or 3.84% of the vote where Hillary only won by about 45 thousand votes.
  4. In Nevada, again Gary Johnson and Weld pulled 37,384 votes or 3.29%.  where Hillary won by less than 30 thousand votes.
  5. In New Mexico, Gary Johnson and William Weld got a whopping 74,541 votes or 9.3% of the vote. Hillary only won by roughly 65,000 votes.
  6. As for Oregon and Virginia, it would be difficult for Trump to carry Oregon, but Virgina is possible. Interestingly, the former- Republicans Johnson & Weld racked up 118,274 votes in Virginia and Hillary Clinton carried the state with less than 50% of the vote.

As a note, in most states the Green Candidate Jill Stein only received about 1% of the vote in these mentioned states. Thus, the Alt-Republicans siphoned 2 to 3 times more votes away from Trump than the other candidates took from Clinton.  The more I look at these states won by Hillary without a plurality of votes, the clearer it becomes that somebody was funding the Alt-Republicans to help Hillary win as there was no other reason to tamper with the election in this way.

With President Donald Trump proving to constituents that he would lead as a conservative, appoint rock-solid judges, and be strong on Jobs and  the military, he has eliminated the doubt and concern of the former Cruz and Bush republicans along with appeasing the “Alt-Republican” vote.


George Mentz JD MBA CWM   is an award winning author, commissioner, and wealth management law professor. He is a licensed attorney and CEO of GAFM ® global finance and management education, which is an ISO 21001 Certified professional development company operating in over 50 nations. Mentz is a former investment banker and wealth manager for a Wall Street Firm, an award winning author and advisory board member to several companies around the world involved in education, charity, and Fintech.

It’s Prosperity, Stupid: 10 Ways Trump Policy Sent Economy to New Records

It’s Prosperity, Stupid: 10 Ways Trump Policy Sent Economy to New Records

Here are 10 reasons why more than three-quarters of American voters approve of the economy under President Donald Trump.

In a CNN poll this week, 76% say the economy is very good or “just plain” good.

A stunning 60% of large and small business owners in a CNBC poll say they approve of President Trump’s job performance, which is at an “all time high.”

  1. Trump has created a whopping 7 nillion new jobs. By cutting President Barack Obama’s new taxes on small businesses, the economy has grown organically for the first time in 30 years. While Obama fought to bring back jobs lost while in his first year as president, Obama created trillions of new debt just to temporarily hire back a few of the 5 million workers who had been laid off in 2009. In contrast, President Trump has created “new jobs” and the best economy in 50 years in just 3 years.
  2. No wasteful wars, real foreign policy and real diplomacy. Obama got us into new wars in Syria, Libya, and Yemen and more. During Obama, diplomats and ambassadors were assassinated and one of our nation’s consulates was invaded and blown up.
  3. Hispanic, Asian, and all minority employment has hit all-time records. All minorities have finally benefited under a president. Overall unemployment has fallen from 4.8 percent to an unimaginable 50 year low of 3.5% percent. In a recent CNBC poll, 85% of workers happy with their jobs under Trump which is nothing short of amazing.
  4. Fair trade.  U.S. is forcing other nations to play fair. Not a single bureaucrat supported the renegotiation of NAFTA, NATO or TPP. The U.S. has entered a new paradigm of diplomacy where our diplomats are negotiating fiercely for worker families to prevent bad deals. Withdrawing from bad deals of the past which has hurt working families and killed jobs on the East and West Coast for a generation.
  5. Fair taxes on small business and corporations which hire people. Rather than the worst in the world, the Trump Tax Reform has made the U.S. the most competitive place to do business. The new small business deductions and larger standard deductions have increased worker paychecks and spending on Main Street. Under Obama in 2016, the U.S. business taxes were ranked the worst in the world.
  6. Strong stock markets under Trump help over 50% of all working families with a better retirement. Trump’s economic strategy has helped create 10 trillion in new wealth for our nation. In contrast, the NASDAQ was at the same in 2016 under Obama as it was during Clinton 17 years before. A study by the Federal Reserve Board found that in 2016, 51.9 percent of families owned stocks, either directly or as part of a fund.
  7. Fair immigration. We have plenty of elderly, orphans, widows, and needy located in the U.S. As an international lawyer who has studied immigration law and trade, we must make it fair again for our citizens and relatives abroad. Lastly, there are over 50 American Nations and territories in our American hemisphere. Thus, there needs to be a conscious innovation of immigration laws for every country. Talk to any immigration lawyer and they may tell you that the laws for H1B, Asylum and Refugees have been outdated and were written before Obama even attend law school.
  8. Reduction in crime, drug death, and riots. While inner city crime is still a problem in big city controlled strongholds such as Detroit and Chicago, crime has gone down 5% less under Trump which is massive. We had the first reduction in drug deaths under President Trump as opioid death went down 2.8 percent from 2017 to 2018. While Obama was in office, about 500,000 died from opioid related death with the number going up each year under Obama, but that number is finally going down under Trump’s border control strategy and other common sense “law and order” policies. There have been 1 million parents or children who lost a child or parent under Obama, and these voters may be inclined to support a leader who cares about and invests into combating the issue.
  9. Affordable education and education costs coming down with more skills courses available. With new initiatives from the White House, new online programs are being expanded to support those who want affordable education. From Coursera to EdX to Google and others, new online programs supported by the Trump Administration are now available to working parents, the disabled, elderly and those in rural areas. Some courses and degree programs are at little or no cost. Higher education will have many changes in the near future as more options are available.
  10. Cost of debt went down for families thanks to President Trump. President Trump is the first president in history to lobby the Federal Reserve to reduce the interest rates on mortgages, credit cards, and auto loans. Trump is the first president to comprehend that raising interest rates on working families kills the ability for working moms and dads to pay bills or save money. The Federal Reserve’s new higher rates in 2017-18 hit hardest the people living from paycheck to paycheck, and President Trump was able to “wake up” the Fed to the “disposable income” realities of working folks outside of DC and New York.

In the end, if you know somebody who dislikes President Trump and loved Obama and Clinton, that is common because the New York media told the American people that Trump only had a 7% chance of winning. Today, millions of people are truly sad with the performance failures of the Obama Presidency. Some are also having trouble recovering from the failures of the Clinton’s various runs for president. Obama had a rough time coming back from the Federal Reserve rates of over 5% in 2007 which wiped out the economy for Bush and Obama. Obama spent almost all of his presidency trying to get the 5 million jobs back that were lost in his 1st year in office, but Obama’s tax and regulatory framework were too punitive for workers and small businesses which kept wages and growth at a standstill.

It is fundamentally amazing that a reduction in: taxes, red tape, war, and waste could create such a vibrant economy under President Trump and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell. The rest of the world is looking at the U.S. like they did during the Reagan years, and we are all grateful for this moment in time of “peace and prosperity.”

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