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The New Labor Union Paradigm – The New Productivity Theory

For most of my life, Unions have been the chief spokesman for many employees around the world. For 100 years, Unions have worked hard to provide safe working conditions and fair benefits for employees in any one country.

However, if you have taught Business 101, you would know that there are KEY STAKEHOLDERS with every Business. Here are the key players: Employees, Owners/Investors, the Community, the Customers, and the Suppliers. What the business books do not tell you is that the GOVERNMENT has become the Primary Stakeholder and obstacle to success, benefits, and global competitiveness.

My theory for the last decade is that the Unions have DONE THEIR WORK and there is little more to do internally because if ANY ONE STAKEHOLDER ASKS FOR TOO MUCH, THE BUSINESS GOES BANKRUPT.  This is because there is not just one uniform playing field of: country law, tax code, business regulation etc. Each company has its own HAVEN and sovereign laws.

Thus, the ONLY stakeholder in the USA that is LEFT to bargain with without going Bankrupt is the GOVERNMENT. Therefore, the unions CHIEF job in the 21century  is to bargain for fair or better treatment from the Government and less burdens, taxes, regulations and such.

That leaves us with the Trump Effect. This new strategy means that government leaders “top down” will work to facilitate a business friendly environment for: companies, employees, communities, buyers, suppliers and investors.

In sum, real leaders of unions and government will work to level the playing field for all local businesses and communities.


George Mentz JD MBA, CWM – Global Speaker – is a celebrated award winning author, professor, international lawyer and founder of the first USA Certification Training Body to be ISO 29990 Certified or Accredited. He is a recognized wealth management authority and the first lawyer in the United States to be triple credentialed in international law, management, and registered as a financial planner.  Mentz holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD) an MBA degree in international business, and an international law certificate qualification along with relevant government law licenses. Mentz’s renowned teachings, fiscal policy ideas, and wealth technology have been used in the top banks, government employees, Fortune 500 companies, and financial institutions around the globe. Mentz is former Wall Street Investment Banker, award winning professor, and the CEO of the Global Academy.

Mentz has been seen on television and press as a pioneer in financial psychology, success, and wealth education.  He is the author of over 30 books and manuals where many have been bestsellers. While in graduate school, Mentz was the Chairman of the Tax and Estate Planning Law Review and he is also a two-time national award winning professor . In recent years, Mentz was a Brain Trust Member of Benzinga Financial Media, to the Dream Team of Advisor FYI (part of National Underwriter), and Mentz has even been an accepted expert in NASD Securities Arbitration. A frequent analyst quoted in press, television, and radio, Mentz is also a popular endorser and public presenter. Mentz has been a keynote speaker in the USA, China, Arabia, Asia, Caribbean, & Latin America for Major Wealth Management Conferences, National Associations, Wall Street Firms, and with webcasts to hundreds of thousands of people.  Mentz is the founder of the GAFM Global Academy of Finance and Management ® in 1995 which has over 50,000 members in over 150 countries.