Trump Won Landslide on Election Day & lost 5 states days later

Trump Won Landslide on Election Day & lost 5 states days later. Jan 6th – 2 Women Murdered

President Trump walked out to speak to the media in the early hours the day After Election Day on: November 4. All TV news tickers showed the President with a comfortable lead over Joe Biden in nearly every key battleground state.
In the Morning after election day, Trump was essentially wining in a landslide by 296-241 in the electoral college. Trump was poised to win with well over 300 electoral votes. Most people went to sleep on Nov 3rd confident that the President had won reelection.
1) Pres. Trump won Pennsylvania on Election day, Trump won election day 56-43, a lead of just under 700,000 votes. Trump had already won the state as he spoke the day after the election.
2) Trump won Michigan on Election day, Trump won election day 53-45, a lead of nearly 295,000.
President Trump had already won the state as he spoke the early morning on the day after the election.
3) Trump won Georgia on election day, Trump won election day 51-48, a lead of nearly 120,000. President Trump had already won the state as he spoke the early morning on the day after the election.
4) Trump won Wisconsin on election day, 51-47, a lead of more than 116,000. President Trump had already won the state as he spoke the early morning on the day after the election.
5) Trump North Carolina on election day, 50-49, a lead of nearly 77,000. President Trump had already won the state as he spoke the early morning on the day after the election.
At that point, President Trump had won Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, and North Carolina. Trump had won these 5 states by over 1 Million Votes. Mr Biden had leads in Arizona and Nevada, of nearly 155,000 and more than 29,000 respectively. Biden also won Minnesota but that was very close also.
This was the first time in history that an Incumbant president won by landslide on election day but lost FIVE States days later by less than 45,000 votes total. In contrast, Bush v Gore was just one state in dispute where Bush got lucky and won by 500 votes after 10 recounts. This was also the first time any president such as Trump had won on election day and lost after winning Florida, Ohio and Iowa. Nobody had ever lost a US election since Kennedy after winning the centrist states of Ohio, Iowa and Florida.
Since the election, we now find that most states use electronics for vote tabulation, thumb drives, voting machines, and even use the internet in vote gathering and calculations. Thus, there are multiple points of attack of any state election from the standpoint of hacking, intentional coding errors, double scanning, printing ballots after election day, printing and mailing unsigned ballots of previous non-voters, and vote changing after scanning ie arbitrating a vote.
Most states own their voting machines, but nobody is sure if any voting machines and the software that comes with it have been analyzed for integrity hacking or fraud ? Even NBC says that voting machines may have parts from China and other nefarious sources that may have hidden insurrection code. Hillary Clinton claimed the national election was stolen from her due to Russian and Machines, while other Senators claim that Russia or bad actors have hacked voting machines. See Below Sources
Further, there were millions of votes that were discarded in prior elections due to lack of signature, residency, age, death, or other statutory requirements, but in 2020, almost 100% of ballots regardless of legality or signatures were counted.
Further, some states seem to have amost an impossible 90-100% registered democrat turnout in 2020 such as Colorado which has been voting by mail for years. With Colorado already being a mail-in state, there shouldn’t have been any new anomolies, but 400,000 new ballots showed up on Colorado in 2020 which looks like a statistical impossiblity. This implies that ballots were harvested and voted by proxy in 2020 by nefarious groups.
After winning by a landslide on election day, Trump’s victory was marginalized away days after the election where Biden won by a mere 43,000 votes in 3 states with over 1 million new ballots coming in days after the election. Three states decided the election and the margins of victory were razor thin according to the LA Times. While Biden won popular voting by 7 million votes, these votes were all in New York and California and Massachusets where Republicans don’t bother to vote at all, and Biden’s final victory was by a mere 43,000 votes in 3 states. Biden’s combined wins in Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin were less than 15,000 votes each if you divide the 43,000 votes by 3.
While Jan 6th was problematic, it was a peaceful protest where no police died according to the NPR News and no weapons were found. See Citation Below. Also, Senator Hawley had already pledged and vowed to vote against certification of the election which would have been a first for a US Senator; however, Sen. Hawleys hostoric vote was shut down by Pelosi and others who let the peaceful unarmed protestors into the Capitol.
Further, after leaders at the Capitol allowed the peaceful protestors inside to shut down the Historic Senator Hawley Vote, 2 unarmed women with theyr hands up were killed or murdered on Jan 6th. One of the women was an UNARMED war veteran Ashli Babbitt who was allowed into the Capitol and was senselessly shot in the face with her hands up, and murdered as she could not breathe and bled to death in our nations Capitol. The other woman was a minority lady named Boyland who was beaten and tortured by police on the Capitol Steps where she could not breathe and died. Both peacful protesting women were tortured to death and suffered on video for more than 10 minutes before dying of their homicidal wounds. Unarmed Senior Airman Ashli Babbit was shot in the face/neck by a dirty cop and murdered in cold blood where her wounds bled out from her neck and she suffocated to death by virtue of this negligence and attack on peaceful protestors.
In contrast thousands were injured and died in the summer of 2020 protests led by leftists and Marxists who fire bombed the church next to the White House, threatened the life of the President to go into the nuclear bunker, and shut down the government. Billions of dollars were lost and hundreds of businesses burned and fire bombed or destroyed by leftist Marxist and Maoist protesters in the summer of 2020 in the USA where over 2000 peace officers where injured and several were murdered.
Recently, the BIG FRAUD attempt to overthrow the government has been proven to show that the Clintons and the Democrats were promoting or fabricating fake evidence to dupe the FBI and DOJ into wiretapping Trump and his allies. The worst part is that the Fake Evidence on Russia was used to get untold wire taps which is 10 to 100 times bigger than the failed wire tap attempt in WATERGATE where 40 got felony convictions. Thus, on top of the Trump election day victory by over 1 million votes being flipped several days after the election, there was a 4 year fake investigation and fraudulent attempt to overthrow the US government by people knowingly using the fake Russia Evidence from Clinton’s team, MI6, Russian Spies, and others.
Senator Hawley Pledges to Vote against 2020 Electoral College Certification sending it back to the states. Hawley vows to challenge Biden electors, forcing vote McConnell hoped to avoid – POLITICO