George Mentz Boards

George Mentz Serves on Various Boards and Advisory Posts

  1. Civil Service Commission for Colorado Springs USA for Police and Fire Departments
  2. Airport Commission – Commissioner at City of Colorado Springs
  3. Board of Directors at TRE – The Resource Exchange
  4. Board of Directors – Alumni Association at Loyola University New Orleans Alumni 2020-22
  5. Membership Chair and Past President at The Winter Night Club
  6. Retired Federal Commissioner at White House Presidential Scholars Program at US Government 2019-22
  7. Journalist – Economic and Wealth Management Policy – Financial Analyst at Newsmax
  8. Advisory Board of The NYG  New York Gazette
  9. Graduate Law Professor at Texas A&M University
  10. Mentz Family Charities – Sponsor and General Counsel at Mentz Family Charities
  11. Formerly Advisory Board of the Global Finance Forum of Switzerland
  12. Former Advisory Board of the World Ecommerce Forum of the UK