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Award Winning Author George Mentz Publishes New Success Books in 2022 – Books on Spirituality Wealth Leadership and Mindfulness
Dear Friends, Here are new books that you and your friends may be interested in.

Counselor George Mentz has authored several new books on leadership, strategy, human performance, leadership, and success. These new self help and empowerment books by Mentz are designed to help anyone whoWealth Management Handbook: The Intelligent Investor Guide to Financial Planning & Investing Principles (Wealth Management... wants a better life, greater mindfulness, greater health and better relationships. The books are inherently designed to boost prosperity and leadership abilities. George Mentz has authored over 60 books and audio books in the last 20 years while teaching and offering hundreds of courses and seminars in over 40 countries.  Commissioner Mentz is an IBA International Book Award Winner and has won various awards for teaching and charitable works. Mentz’s books are routinely ranked in the top 100 of personal growth and wealth management on Amazon with the world’s top Authors.

  2. BULLETPROOF ABUNDANCE AND PROSPERITY: The Simple Book of The Abundance Mindset & Habits of Successful Mindful People
  3. The Illuminati Secret Laws of Money – The Wealth Mindset Manifesto: The Life Changing Magic and Habits of Spiritual Mastery
  4. Summary and Analysis of The 25 Greatest Management Books – Ideas Strategy & Quotes from Top Business Books & Authors
  5. The Wealth Management Handbook & Financial Planning Guide: Wealth Management according to Counselor George Mentz
  6. THE PATH OF LOVE: Getting Beyond Hope & Change to Achieve Self Respect, Success and Innovation – By Commissioner Mentz
  7. The Leadership Handbook – The Wisdom of the Guru Leaders !

Counselor Mentz can be contacted at or Linkedin to speak or lecture either by teleconference or live and on site for  trainings. Board of Standards CEO George Mentz and his companies have The Leadership Handbook – A Primer on Leadership - The Greatest Authors & Books on Leadership been providing training and certification programs in the area of Wealth Management – Banking – Strategy and Prosperity for over 20 years with customers in over 160 countries.

Mentz education company has ESQ accreditation and ISO 21001 certification and ISO 9001 Quality certification while utilizing CHEA and ACBSP standards.  Mentz and his educational enterprises have educated and trained thousands worldwide and provided scholarships to the most qualified students around the world based on need.  Mentz is the Seigneur of the Fief Blondel which is an 800+ year old lordship registered with the Crown and Royal Courts and he is a member of the ANTN New Thought Network, and  has served on the boards of the World e-Commerce Forum in the UK and the Global Finance Forum in the Switzerland.

Mentz can be reached for speaking on Linkedin at: 

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