George Mentz is an internationally known author, speaker, and teacher of thought leaders with a focus in areas of business strategy, finance, education,  wealth management, human potential, success principles, and metaphysics.

Mentz’s new book, Quantum Bliss, will be published later in 2015.   The new book is a synthesis of self-help, personal development,  and spiritual-psychology which distills the timeless success secrets  short “Executive VIP Guide ” that takes the reader to the next level of productivity, inspiration, consciousness and transformation.

He has written hundreds of published articles, manuals and books over the last 30 years as seen in the Financial Times, ArabNews, China Daily, Hindu Newspaper,, Forbes, Investopedia, WSJ, Body Mind Spirit Magazine, and he has been  an active contributor to  National Underwriter, ThinkAdvisor  Media and more. He has even consulted with the US government for several years helping people find jobs and better careers.  As a trend setter, Mentz wrote and published the bestseller “How to Master Abundance and Prosperity” on the teachings of Dr. Haanel and Wallace Wattles before blockbuster “The Secret” became a worldwide success.

Mentz has had bestsellers and top 100 books in the following 7 categories in 2013-16: Education and Training, Money and Monetary Policy, World – Expeditions & Discoveries, Management Science, Mysticism, Project Management, Religion, Cognitive Neuroscience, and in Spirituality.

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