Commissioner Mentz  (  專員喬治·孟子  ) (المفوض جورج ماينز) and his companies have contributed assistance and services to thousands of professionals around the world, to Fortune 1000 companies, and privately held corporations an individuals  in over 150+  nations.  Over 10,000 people have been trained with “professional development programs” and certified under the unsurpassed standards of his pioneering global educational programs along with hundreds of others receiving benefits of the Mentz Scholarship Program.  Having personally taught over 250 law, MBA and college courses to thousands of students worldwide, my insights and experience with global education and e-learning are cutting edge in the world of education and consulting.  Mentz has consulted with the US government, UN Education Officials, US Dept of Labor, Top Universities, and some of the biggest companies in the world. Presently, the Mentz companies are delivering executive education to professionals in Africa, Arabia, the US, India, China, Caribbean, Latin America, and Asia.

Mentz, a noted polymath, has been ranked as a global influencer in the last few years in the areas of: Wealth Management, Human Resources, B2B, and Project Management.  Further, Mentz’s educational ventures are the first in the USA to achieve ISO 21001 Certification, SIS Recognition, TUV Recognition, ESQ accreditation recognition, ISO 29993 Learning Services Certification, and ISO 9001 for excellence. Mentz has dedicated up to $101 Million in benefits for those in need including veterans, peace officers, ethnic minorities, and disabled persons.

Counselor George S. Mentz is the first person in the United States to be multi credentialed as a Lawyer, MBA, Qualified Financial Planner, Certified Financial Consultant, Chartered Management Consultant, and Registered/Licensed Financial Planner. Mentz is the first author in the USA to have bestselling books and publications  in the following categories over the years : Money and Monetary Policy, Management Science, Organizational Behavior, Financial Risk Management,  Ethics, Study Guides,  Business Consulting, Marketing/Consumer Behavior Wealth Management Books, Mysticism, Religion, Spirituality, Psychology,  History, Theosophy, Greek & Roman Philosophy, Personal Growth Men & Women,  Politics & Social Sciences -Consciousness & Thought, and even in Celtic Studies.  Prof. Mentz has held faculty and professional positions with major business schools, top law schools, and top Wall Street Firms. In 2019, Counselor Mentz was approved as a White House Commissioner for the Federal Government and US Department of Education where Mentz was designated as an eminent private citizen respected within the legal profession by the President of the United States.  Mentz was an economic advisor to a winning presidential campaign and has written syndicated articles and commentary for major media outlets while he has co-authored articles, teaching videos, or materials with luminaries such as: Stephen Moore – William Byrnes – Robert Bloink – Jim Nevels – the Department of Labor, and many others.

Mentz holds and earned Doctor of Jurisprudence (Latin/JD Juris Doctor)  in International Law and an MBA in International Business & Finance along with International Law Cert/Diploma/Diplomé. Mentz is an award winning author and professor, and has won 2 national recognition awards for teaching excellence. Mentz has organized wealth education programs at the top banks in the world, for securities regulators,   accredited law school programs, and corporate giants including the likes of Informa, Reuters and HSBC.   *Mentz and his finance and management education have been featured in National Jurist, National Law Journal, Wall Street Journal, Investopedia, The Hindu National, El Norte Latin America, the Financial Times, Forbes, Black Enterprise, Reuters, AP, The China Daily, & The Arab Times.

Commissioner Mentz is one for the first e-learning professors in the USA to be credentialed throughout the United States to teach law and business. Further, Mentz developed one of the most popular Ethics and Philosophy courses for a New York Stock Exchange Traded Educational Company along with creating the 1st ABA disclosed/recognized Graduate Wealth Management Program for an accredited law school in the USA. Mentz is also the first in the world to earn ISO 29990 and ISO 21001 Certifications in Education.

Prof. Mentz has been a member of the advisory boards of the Global Finance Forum in Switzerland, The Royal Society of Fellows, and the World E-Commerce Forum in London, England. He has held a professorial faculty appointment at Top Tier Texas A&M Law School’s Graduate LLM Law Program and has held faculty status with several business schools globally. Prof. Mentz’s companies have established educational standards, alliances and approved operations in over 40 Countries around the world. Prof. Mentz has recently been awarded a National Faculty Award, a Distinguished Faculty Award and a Meritorious Service Medal for Charitable Service, along with receiving a Team Faculty Award and awarded an honorary doctorates for his research and publications. Mentz was also founder of the original Tax and Estate Planning Law Review and Graduate Leadership Society while in Law School.

Diplomatic & International Law Training – Completed The Published Graduate State Department recommended foreign service courses relating to: Foreign Policy and Foreign Service while at ABA Law Schools and AACSB Accredited Business Programs and regionally accredited universities. FULL LIST: • English & Composition 18 credit hrs • Western Civ. & U.S. History • U.S. Political Systems (College Major) • Comparative Politics & Comparative Law (College and Law School) • Geography during BA in Politics • Economics ( Micro and Macro during MBA program) • Non-Western Law/History (EU Law and Latin Law ) • International Trade/World Finance/Economic Development (during MBA) • U.S. Political System (Legislative Process (Tulane Law School), Role of President, Constitution, PACs, etc. (Constitutional Law I&II Loyola Law) • U.S. Economic, Social, and/or Intellectual History (Majored in Political Science) • International Affairs (MBA) • U.S. Foreign & International Relations (During Political Science Degree, Law Degree and MBA Degree) • Immigration Law • European Union Law (State Dept. Reference)  Comm’r Mentz has been featured on Phi Delta Phi International law fraternity websites.  Mentz was recently appointed  Chancellor for the WAC Worldwide – International Lawyer for the Worldwide Anglican Church approved and appointed directly by the global Patriarch.

Partial List of Various Countries where Mentz has Worked,  Visited or Provided: Consulting, Speaking, or International Law Work.   Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Kuwait, China, Singapore, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Japan, UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Russia, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, France, Spain, Montenegro, Croatia, Austria, Hungary, Barbados, Bahamas, Canada, Costa Rica, Albania, Greece, Slovakia, Switzerland, Holy See, Columbia, USA

Mentz has served on the Advisory Board & Standards Boards of the: GAFM Board of Standards, the AABFS Arab Academy of Banking and Financial Sciences, the ACCE African Chartered Economists Association, the LAC Latin Capitulo para Financiero, Harvard Business Review Advisory, the ICE Institute of Credentialing Excellence,  & The IAQFP Intl Assoc for Qualified Financial Planners. Mentz still advises on a consultative status to the US Government on trends in finance, investments, business, careers, and jobs to assist others in finding gainful employment or advancing in their careers. In his early career, Mentz, a political scientist, was a coalitions organizer in Washington DC advising and writing communications for a successful & winning presidential campaign. Mentz has provided a scholarship award in Latin America for over 5 years to students for the top paper on finance or economics. Mentz presently serves on the boards of the: European Council of Leading Business Schools ECLBS and the QAHE International Association for Quality Assurance in Europe

Education Pioneer and Accredited Certification Training

Counselor Mentz is the pioneer who has brought the Certified Global Business Training and Certified MOOC and Certified Online programs to the world by combining online & MOOC education with certification standards.  He is the creator of  the first US Standards Body to achieve ESQ & TUV Accreditation and  ISO 21001 & ISO 29990 Certification in the world for his programs. He also created the worlds first international executive certification programs combined with VIP pedagogy. Over the last 20 years, Mentz has been the chief proponent of US ACBSP and CHEQS national business accreditation standards as a path for graduate certification programs.

As for diversity and inclusion, Counselor Mentz is a proud Sicilian, Hispanic, EurAsian of French German, Scottish, and Irish Ancestry, who has West Asian, Dravidian India, North African, and Native American DNA.  Mentz is a proud member of various ethnic organizations and groups. As for hobbies, Mentz is a life-long writer of music and has won rank award status on music charts.

College, Graduate, and Law Courses Taught over the last 20 Years – G. Mentz, JD, MBA

Commissioner Mentz has successfully taught and designed over 300 Management, Business and Law courses at accredited programs in the USA.

Mentz has won a Distinguished Faculty Award, 2 National Faculty Awards for Excellence in Teaching, and a Team Faculty Award. Mentz has been recognized several times by Veterans as the most helpful law professor.

In the last 20 years, George Mentz has won several awards including an IBA Book Award and a Top Book of All Time Award. Mentz  routinely had been statistically evaluated and earned a top top 10% teacher ranking for his performance out of several hundred teachers.  Mentz was also the original course designer for Ethics/Philosophy e-College Based Courses for an Online “New York Stock Exchange” traded university.  Moreover, Mentz designed and implemented the first “Wealth  Management” Curriculum for a US ABA recognized graduate law school program. Mentz was a candidate for 2014 National ACBSP Accreditation Award for Teaching Excellence. Mentz is the 2016 IBA International Book Award Winner/Finalist for Success/Self Help Books. Mentz is an Associate of St. George House Windsor Castle UK 2020 and serves on the Board of Directors of Loyola University Alumni Association.

Mentz has taught a vast array of graduate and undergraduate courses in the last 20 years including.

  1. Contract Law
  2. Business Law
  3. Financial Innovation
  4. Intro to Business and Technology
  5. Introduction to Business Management
  6. Marketing Principles
  7. Media Law
  8. E-Business Strategy
  9. International Law
  10. Management Functions
  11. Project Management
  12. E-Business Law
  13. Internet Technologies
  14. Asset Management and Protection ITX 658 2009-2015
  15. Political Science
  16. Business Ethics
  17. Taxation and Advanced Taxation
  18. Trends in E-Business
  19. Introduction to Finance
  20. Finance II
  21. Performance Management
  22. Legal and Ethical Aspects of Business
  23. Principles of Small Business Management
  24. Business Law II for CPA Track Accounting Students
  25. Wealth Management and Financial Planning
  26. Philosophy and Ethics
  27. Advanced Wealth Management
  28. Consumer Law
  29. Constitutional Law
  30. Laws 420 – Legal and Ethical Issues
  31. Investment Management, Portfolio Management, and Compliance 2009-2015
  32. Money Banking and Financial Markets
  33. Advanced Wealth Management or Advanced Financial Planning (Texas A&M Law)

Counselor Mentz’s recent Judicial, Diplomatic, and Law Professor Work Include:
* Judicial Chancellor for WAC Worldwide Anglican Church – Presiding Legal Officer over Law, Disciplinary Issues, and Cases.
* Judge for White House Presidential Sholars Awards for the US Federal Government (Commissioner & Federal Awards Judge)
* Election Judge for Election Integrity – Colorado USA, El Paso County, State USA
* Expert Witness on Financial Banking Securities Law – NASD FINRA Arbitration Mediation – Federal Issues
* Editor of Canon Law and Disciplinary Law for Patriarch and Seminary and House of Bishops
* Crafting diplomatic agreements with NGOs, Charities, Fortune 500 Style Companies, Non Profits, and International Organizations
* Teaching various sections of Banking, FinTech, & Wealth Management Law to Post Doctoral Students in a National Top Tier Accredited Law School Graduate Program.

The MFC Mentz Family Charities ™ of Colorado engages the following charitable giving through the sponsorship of charities and non-profits:

1. Donating thousands of pounds of food each year to those in need.
2. Sponsoring hundreds of scholarships for young adults in USA, Asia, Africa, Russia, Arabia, EU, and Latin America.
3. Supporting anti-addiction efforts both domestically and internationally.
4. Offering thousands of free educational courses and books per year on self help, money management, and so forth.
5. Supporting and sponsoring local schools, sporting teams, and hospitals.
6. Supporting educational dinners and scholarships to educational dinners.
7. Supporting local spiritual organizations that serve widows, orphans and the most vulnerable.

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*ABA Council Statement on Doctor of Jurisprudence PhD Equivalency.