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Commissioner George Mentz JD MBA CWM Chartered Wealth Manager – Award Winning Author – Professor and Global Ranked Influencer in HR, PM, Management, B2B and Wealth Management “Thought Leader”¬† – and a Top 100 Influencer in B2B, HR, WM, MGT, and Project Management.
Mentz is the titular Seigneur of Blondel and Lord of Stoborough
Mentz is an Lawyer with Scottish/Sicilian/Hispanic/Egyptian, and Native American  heritage.
Mentz is the CEO of the Aspen Commission for World Peace
From: United States of America
Focus:  International Law, Finance, Education, Attorney, Award Winning Author of over 80 Books and Audio Books, Consulted with White House, Universities, Top Law Schools, Governments etc.
Status:  Teacher, Legal Professional, CEO, Educator, Startup Counselor 


George Mentz JD MBA CILS is a CWM Chartered Wealth Manager ¬ģ and #2 in the world 2020 Wealth Management Influencer

Commissioner Mentz is a global speaker – educator, tax-economist, international lawyer and CEO of the GAFM Global Academy of Finance & Management ¬ģ. Mentz’s companies such as the GAFM are the 1st in the USA to become an ESQ accredited graduate body that trains and certifies professionals in 150+ nations under ISO 21001 standards. Mentz is also an award winning author and graduate law professor at a Top Ranked US Law School for wealth management in the USA. Mentz is 1st in the world to be credentialed as a: Doctor of Jurisprudence, MBA, investment advisor, financial planner, US federal courts attorney, international law certification, & management consultant. Mentz is a multiple award winning¬† professor teaching 250+ law, business, and ethics courses. Mentz was an economic advisor for the Trump Campaign CO, has published 50+ books and audio books who has written for the US Dept of Labor, O-Books UK, eFinancialCareers, & National Underwriter. Mentz has been seen on major media, TV, Radio, Press and internet. Mentz has served boards or advised The Global Finance Forum, World eCommerce Forum, top banks such as HSBC and Bank of China, UN, Arab Academy of Banking, African Economists Association & has even been accepted as an expert in securities arbitration & mediation. Mentz and his companies have been featured or quoted in Forbes, Reuters, Wall St. Journal, The Hindu National, El Norte Latin America, the Financial Times, NYSSA, The China Daily, & The Arab Times. Mentz enjoys tennis, travel, raising 3 children, and serving as the titular Seigneur of the Fief Blondel which is one of the oldest legally recognized fiefdoms in the UK Crown Dependencies. Mentz can be contacted at or at his global certification training company Mentz was appointed by the President to serve on the White House Commission on Scholars in 2019 after Mentz had volunteered for years without compensation for Presidents Obama, Bush, and Trump. Mentz is the titular Seigneur of the Fief de Blondel of Guernsey and the titular Lord of Stoborough Manor, Isle of Purbeck, Dorset.


  • Wealth Management
  • Legal
  • International Development
  • Marketing – Communications, Recruiting, Admissions
  • Secondary Education – Legal, Compliance, Recruiting
  • Education
  • Recruitment
  • Racial & Ethnic International Law
  • Finance – Wealth Management Educator
  • EdTech – SME, Course Design, Curriculum Building
  • Financial Services – Admitted as an Expert in FINRA/NASD Arbitration
  • FinTech
  • Life Insurance
  • Macroeconomics
  • Open Banking
  • Personal Finance
  • Quality
  • Scholarships
  • Venture Capital

Company profile

Namd – Global Academy of Financial Management
Location –¬†United States of America
Industry domain  Education

Commissioner Mentz – Winner of Featured Influencer Ranking

George Mentz #2 in the World 2020 WealthTech most mentioned trend among top 10 wealth management influencers on Twitter ranked by GlobalData during Q3 2020¬†¬†¬†GlobalData¬†–¬†11 Nov 2020

Posted in Influencer WealthTech, personal finance and financial planning emerged as the most mentioned trends among influencer discussions around wealth management on Twitter during the third quarter (Q3) of 2020. The conversations related to WealthTech revealed the expansion of …

Counselor George Mentz JD MBA CWM is Named to Commission on Presidential Scholars by President after volunteering for Bush, Obama and Trump

AP NEWS¬†–¬†17 Oct 2019

Colorado Springs, Presidential Scholars Program, President Trump –¬†Mentz who holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence and MBA is one of the top education and wealth management consultants and wealth brand names in the world. Counselor George Mentz JD MBA CWM is Named to Commission on Presidential Scholars by President after volunteering for Trump, Bush, Obama and Biden.

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Clients & Legal Alliances and International Agreements

Accreditation Council for Business Schools
Arab Academy of Banking and Finance  Council on Higher Education Quality Standards
Global Finance Forum Switzerland
Institute for Credentialing Excellence
ISO 21001
ISO 9001 Certified Education
Loyola University
National Underwriter Publishing
O-Books of London
St. George House Windsor Castle United Kingdom
Texas A&M Law School #53 USA RANK
Thomson Reuters
TUV Standards
US Government
Various Charities
White House
Winter Night Club Speakers Society
World E-Commerce Forum
Yale Club of New York