Commissioner Mentz is the CEO and leader of international educational consulting companies which are registered as Government Contractor. ¬† Mentz’s companies are SIS Cert Sanctioned and have been ESQ European Accreditation Agency Recognized, ISO 21001 Certified, and have been TUV Austria Accredited and Offer Certification Training Worldwide in Management, Finance, Risk, HR, and Wealth Management.

List of Accreditation and Alliances with GAFM

  1. US Dept of Education Recognized ACBSP & GAFM standards Alliance with the Council¬† Higher Education Quality Standards Bodies¬†– The GAFM ¬ģ Board of Standards is a founding member of the quality assurance standards in signed contract with the International Quality Standards Body.
  2. GAFM Certification Board has a Legal Agreement on Certification Standards with the National Business School Accreditation Agency РOver 800 USA Accredited Business schools offer courses, programs and exams that count for GAFM certifications. [LINK] 
  3. GAFM IBS and AAPM now hold SIS Certification Sanction in the EU.  SIS is an Accredited body recognized by the IAS and IAF globally.
  4. GAFM IBS and AAPM now hold ISO 29993 Certification as a Learning Services Provider EU – Not subject to BREXIT.
  5. GAFM IBS and AAPM is now IOQM/IAO Accredited for Educational Standards.
  6. GAFM has held ESQ Accreditation Agency Recognition
  7. GAFM is the First Company in the USA to Achieve ISO 21001 Certification
  8. GAFM has held: TUV Europe & Italy Accreditation –¬†¬†¬†TUV The GAFM/AAPM International Board of Standards has previously held EU accreditation from the TUV in Europe
  9. TUV Reaccreditation – European Accreditation Not Subject to BREXIT – TUV 2019 Certification Document
  10. GAFM¬† Body is ¬†ISO 29990 Certified –¬† GAFM/AAPM are ISO Certified for Training.¬†The First¬†USA¬†Certification body to achieve this Accreditation ¬†
  11. GAFM is ISO 9001 Certified РGAFM IBS Board of Standards is ISO Certified for Quality Standards.
  12. GAFM Signed a Legal Standards MOA with the CHEQS¬† Higher Education Quality Body¬†– The GAFM ¬ģ Board of Standards is a founding member of the quality assurance standards memorandum of the International Quality Group and GAFM is a Founder of the CHEQS Commission on Higher Education Quality Standards Standards¬†¬†
  13. GAFM/AAPM is in alliance with the Society of Professional Engineers Europe.   SPE Society of Professional Engineers
  14. GAFM РArab League & Academy Recognition РThe Arab Academy belonging to the Arab League directly recognizes the Certifications of GAFM and AAPM in a diplomatic agreement.  2018 РUpdated Arab Academy GAFM
  15. GAFM Certification Body has dedicated USA Accredited Law School Programs РWealth Management Certification РABA Recognized Law School
  16. UAE Accredited – Certifications Registered and accredited through the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) of the UAE.
  17. 2004 – ACBSP Accreditation Certification Agreement with AAFM International Board of Standards, now GAFM owns the AAFM Programs.


In the last 20 years, we have used world class standards to train and certify professionals in government, NGO, and civilian jobs in over 150 countries around the world.  If you or your team needs certification training, our IBS GAFM Global Academy can arrange to have a team deliver it onsite or online to your people almost anywhere in the world. If you desire your university or training company to be recognized as an accredited certification training provider, please contact us directly.

After an on site audit, we are the first US/EU Certifying Body in the world to achieve ISO certification compliance  for both quality ISO 9001 and non-formal training ISO29990. We are charter members of the CHEA Quality Group, professional members of the ACBSP, and Certified/Accredited by the TUV which is a 140 year old globally known accreditation body and now we have ESQ European Accreditation and ISO Certification as an Educational Body 21001.

The Mentzhausen companies such as the IBS GAFM  and Mentz Consulting promote the following organizations worldwide for education standards and credentialing of  individuals in the areas of:  Leadership, Finance, Management, e-Business, Risk, HR, Project Management, Wealth Management, Ethics and Compliance. We have been a proud member of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence for several years.


Mentz consulting works with the top educational and media institutions in the world.

For professional standards and executive education, contact:



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