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Mentz has been seen on TV, Radio, Press, Web Lectures, Seminars, and as a Keynote Address Speaker for groups and associations worldwide.

George Mentz JD MBA, CWM – Global Speaker – is a celebrated author, professor, lawyer and founder of the CWM ™ Chartered Wealth Manager  Program Globally. He is a recognized wealth management authority and the first person in the United States to be triple certified in financial planning and wealth consulting. Mentz also holds a Doctorate of Jurisprudence and an MBA degree in international business, and an international law certificate qualification along with relevant government law licenses. Mentz’s renowned teachings and wealth technology have been used in the top banks, government employees, Fortune 500 companies, and financial institutions around the globe. Mentz is former Wall Street Wealth Manager, award winning professor, writer, commentator, researcher, and wealth journalist.

Mentz’s new book, Quantum Bliss is an IBA International Award Winning Self Help Human Performance Book.    The new book is a synthesis of self-help, personal development,  and spiritual-psychology which distills the timeless success secrets  short “Executive VIP Guide ” that takes the reader to the next level of productivity, inspiration, mindfulness, and transformation.

Mentz has been seen on television and press as a pioneer in financial psychology, success, and wealth education.   He is the author of  Quantum Bliss which is a groundbreaking self-help book on human performance and the quantum mechanics of success.   He is also the author of “The Edge: Managing Your Client’s Financial Well-being in Risky Times , Wealth Management and Financial Planning, and SWM Spiritual Wealth Management and several other books that have been best sellers. Mentz was also the founder of the Tax and Estate Planning Law Review and a two-time national award winning professor . Mentz has been named to the Brain Trust of Benzinga Financial Media and also to the Dream Team of Adivisor FYI ( part of Summit Business Media) which is one of the oldest financial research firms in the world. Mentz has even been an accepted expert in NASD Securities Arbitration. Mentz has written and published several bestselling books and dozens of training manuals that have been used by top financial and educational institutions worldwide.

What Counselor George Mentz JD, MBA – Talks About:

  1. GWM Global Wealth Management – The 21st Century George explains the exciting new insights into international tax, wealth management, tax systems, global business, internet investing, retirement strategy, estate planning legal issues, digital and crypto currency secrets, global investing, technology and wealth secrets for all.       The global demographics are changing everything and this new GME Global Macro Economics will make or break the future of your clients and your personal investing. As Mentz is the founder of research organizations in India, Africa, China, Arabia, and Latin America, Mentz brings a wealth of common sense and investing ideas to the table for the 21 century.
  2. QUANTUM MECHANICS OF LIFE AND SUCCESS: How to maximize your potential in personal development, health, success, business and happiness:  Discussing the 7 Strategies to Fulfill your Destiny, The 12 Fold Path to Prosperity, and the famous 12 Steps to Fulfillment.
  3. WEALTH AND THE MINDSET OF WEALTH: How The Science Of Wealth Management Can Help with Abundance, Prosperity, Asset Protection, and Sucess. Getting Rich, Wealth Preservation, and Beyond Wealth – Practical and Psychological Issues in Achievement and Success. Mixing this philosophy with practical Wall Street Lessons in Investing, Asset Management, Portfolio Management, Taxes and Wealth Preservation.
  4. Mentz and the Secrets of The Billionaires and Sages : Lessons and Ideas from Buffett, Soros, Gates, Jobs, Google, and other greats “From Marcus Aurelius to Ben Franklin to Today” This presentation summarizes the life and living legacy of various Self Made Billionaires, Warriors, Entrepreneurs, and Gurus.       How to take your organization to the next level.
  5. The Science of Wealth Metaphysics: What is It and How Does it Work? Behavioral Wealth – the study of wealth psychology. Getting from Scarcity to a Mindset of Wealth & Abundance. It does not matter how much money you have, but how to maintain wealth, balance and peace of mind. Grow your wealth and your opportunity. Getting there, Maintaining it, and Growing.
  6. Education Disruption and Admissions  – How to maximize recruiting, admissions, risk management and more. Mentz is the first to produce a series of articles about online recruiting for colleges and universities. As a survivor of Hurricane Katrina, Mentz also offers 10 key lessons in disaster planning and marketing that and revitalize your educational institution.



KEYNOTE FEE:  $10,000 for one keynote presentation of up to 75 minutes.
Where logistically feasible, and only with prior consultation, George may accept a second engagement on the same day in consideration of an additional $5,000.

Expenses:  Business or First class airfare, standard hotel accommodation, sedan transportation to/from all airports. George travels from Denver Colorado USA. Agreement:  George will sign only his own one-page MOU.


1/2 DAY PROGRAM:  A Complete Guide to the Retirement Income Planning Conversation

This 3-hour program (with a 20 minute break) has been developed to provide a comprehensive practical approach to engaging present and potential customers globally in the single most important wealth planning conversation of the balance of their lives. There is no comparable program as this is a revolutionary wealth program and consulting.  Fee: $15,000 plus expenses as above.


George offers web consulting to mass attendees via Skype or Blackboard Collaborate or via telephone conference calls, composed of up to 30 minutes of presentation followed (if desired) by up to 30 minutes of open Q&A.

Fee schedule:

  • $5,000    one-off, no recording,
  • $10,000  2 Month internal playback permitted



Mentz will speak after breakfast and daytime functions, but only after the attendees are finished eating and the staffs have stopped moving about.

Video or Audio recording are NOT permitted.


Before founding the Global Academy of Finance Management ® in 1995, Mentz completed is JD/Doctor of Jurisprudence & MBA degrees in international law with a focus on financial planning where he earned the status as a government licensed Counselor of Law. Earlier, Mentz had been a campaign writer and organizer for successful presidential campaigns in Washington DC. Mentz has a B.A. in Politics from LSU Louisiana State University, where he was awarded a Governors’ Board of Trustees Scholarship. He also spent a year of graduate work studying business and international law in Spain, Brazil, Austria, Belgium, and Mexico.

A frequent analyst quoted in press, television, and radio, Mentz is also a popular endorser and public presenter. Mentz “The Counselor” has been a lead and keynote speaker in the USA, China, Arabia, Asia, Caribbean, and Latin America for Major Wealth Management Conferences, National Associations, Wall Street Firms, and with webcasts to hundreds of thousands of people.

Mentz has consulted with the US government, United Nations, the Chinese government, and the government of the United Arab Emirates (to name a few) to improve opportunities and education for professionals in finance, banking and wealth management.   Mentz has served for many years as an advisor to various charities and boards such as the: Global Finance Forum in Switzerland, The World eCommerce Forum on the UK, The US Military Education Association for disabled veterans, Advisor to the AABFS Arab Academy of Banking and Finance, The Indian Academy of Financial Management, Board of the ACCE African Economists Association, the board of the Association for Qualified Financial Planners, and others. To this day, Mentz personally sponsors scholarships and research awards in several countries and is the recipient of various honorary distinctions and doctorates for his volunteerism and publications.  Mentz is the founder of GPM Global Planting Movement where people are encouraged to plant a Thousand Green Trees during their lifetime for the benefit of humanity. Mentz spends time in Colorado Springs – New Orleans and Abroad.

Mentz is formerly an attorney with the KSF Consumer Protection and Securities Law Firm. The Mentz Law Firm continues to be a leading consultant in Securities Fraud Consumer Protection. In the past, Mentz worked with the firm KG, LLC which was founded in 2001 by Wendell Gauthier, the nationally prominent class action attorney and lawyer most responsible for the national tobacco settlements in excess of $200 billion, and numerous other recoveries for thousands of plaintiffs in excess of $3 billion.


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