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President Trump Appoints E-Learning Pioneer George Mentz JD MBA of Colorado Springs to Commission on Presidential Scholars

President Trump Appoints E-Learning Pioneer George Mentz JD MBA to Commission on Presidential Scholars

President Trump Appoints E-Learning Pioneer George Mentz JD MBA to Commission on Presidential Scholars

President Trump has appointed George Mentz, a Louisiana Lawyer, to the White House Commission on Presidential Scholars. Counselor Mentz has been one of the most prolific award winning authors and professors in the last 20 years teaching and developing over 300 courses. Mentz is one of the first in the USA to ever earn a Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD), MBA & Graduate International Law Certificate.

The New York Gazette ¬ģ says that¬† ‚ÄčPresident Trump has appointed George Mentz, a Louisiana Lawyer, to the White House Commission on Presidential Scholars. Counselor Mentz has been one of the most prolific authors and professors in the last 20 years teaching and developing over ¬†300 courses for colleges, law schools and accredited educational bodies.

Mentz is one of the first in the USA to ever earn a Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD), an AACSB Accredited MBA, and an international law graduate certificate with various licenses in law and finance from FINRA/NASD. Mentz studied and engaged research in the USA, Latin America and Europe and Mentz has visited and worked in over 40 countries worldwide.

Mentz is the author of over 50 success related books and audiobooks and is the winner of an IBA Book award for Self Help. Mentz is a historian of human performance, success literature and metaphysics.

George Mentz was a pioneer in credentialing standards as the first education lawyer to negotiate legal deals directly with accreditation agencies and integrate and accept accredited business school exams and courses as a path to board certification and professional designations.

George Mentz JD MBA CILS is an economics expert, journalist and analyst at Newsmax and has been a brain trust member and dream team member of various media expert teams including with the famous National Underwriter group on tax and wealth management issues. Mentz has been a faculty member for some top colleges and law schools including Loyola Business School and the Graduate programs at Texas A&M Law School.

Counselor Mentz is the son of the late Judge Henry Mentz of the US Federal Courts in New Orleans and the late Ann Lamantia Mentz. Mentz has won several awards for teaching and charitable service, and is a proud Sicilian Hispanic with a European background and member of various ethnic & cultural societies.

Prof. Mentz is originally from Louisiana and an LSU classmate of Steve Scalise. Mentz has been a Colorado resident for over a decade. Further, Mentz had met Donald Trump when he was in New Orleans in 1988 at the Bush Convention, and Mentz has been a fan of Mr. Trump ever since. Counselor Mentz graduated from law school after attending Loyola Law School in New Orleans and William & Mary Law School international law programs, and Mentz also holds an MBA from Loyola Business School along with a CILS Graduate Certificate in International Law. Mentz was chairman of the Tax & Estate Planning Law Review while in graduate school.

After volunteering for various administrations without recognition, Mentz earned this present appointment from President Trump. Mentz had offered free advisory services as a lawyer and economist writing for the Department of Labor during the Bush and Obama years helping the most vulnerable in the USA find quality job information.

Mentz is the General Counsel of the Academy‚Äôs Board of Standards which is America‚Äôs first TUV accredited and ISO 29990 certified educational company.¬†Mentz is an an education executive and e-learning pioneer who has been integrating the highest certification standards from: business schools, online learning, and VIP Training programs for over 15 years.¬† Mentz’s accredited educational body recognizes ¬†quality educational programs, training, and online programs to offer their proprietary “vendor neutral”¬† professional certifications.¬† Mentz’s organizations now also accredit top online course programs and MOOCs “Massive Open Online Courses”¬† as a certification path including great companies such as EdX.org courses.¬† Mentz has¬† worked in¬† and visited over 40 countries working with top universities and great global companies such as INFORMA and Thomson Reuters training and events to bring the best education and certification standards worldwide, and his companies are the first in the world to accept education and exams from ACBSP and AACSB business schools which are the greatest accreditation agencies in the world including over one thousand business schools worldwide. Further, these same accreditation standard principles can also be applied also for technical certification programs.‚ÄĚ

‘I am blessed and honored to be able to provide this public service, especially because of the role that a Presidential Commissioner plays in the development of future leaders, which is the golden key to our nation’s innovation and competitiveness,’ Mentz said. ‘The Wall Street Journal wrote about my efforts to raise standards by integrating and accepting accredited business school programs several times, and we are extremely happy to be able to serve this nation by honoring our most promising scholars.’ George Mentz, Counselor of Law – LA USA

As Robert Frank wrote about Mentz in the Wall Street Journal,¬†all of the certifications require courses, education or licensing that already includes coursework and assessment, ¬†to earn a certification or designation. Author Jason Zweig and the Wall Street Journal emphasized George Mentz‚Äôs double accreditation standards where courses are required in 2010 referring to the AACSB and ACBSP accreditation which accredits top business schools in the USA and abroad. The Wall Street Journal simultaneously noted the Academy’s¬†education standards in the WSJ designation guide in 2010 and also referenced the FINRA monitoring.¬†Even today, to be certified, if you already have a qualifying accredited courses and degree, you will not need to take further exams if you have already taken 20-30 exams in an accredited business school program.¬†People who have enrolled for several years and earned a degree after completing various courses &¬†exams at an accredited university or business school may apply directly for Certification.

Attorney Mentz has stressed the importance of accredited business education and exams for over 15 years to achieve graduate certification from the GAFM Global Academy of Finance and Management¬ģ¬†International Board of Standards, LLC.¬† While many organizations allowed applicants in the USA who do not have a college education to be licensed or certified, all of our USA credential applicants must have an accredited diploma education, related government training, assessment, & education. Mentz is the founder of Mentz Law Firm and ClassActionLawsuit.org which fights for consumer protection and against fraud. Mentz is also owner of several newspapers including the Colorado Mountaineer Est. 1875, owner of the oldest New York Newspaper which is the New York Gazette ¬ģ ¬†and the Magazine of Wall Street. ¬†¬† Mentz and his educational efforts have been seen in television, radio, press, podcasts and more in places like India, China, Europe, Latin America, South Asia, and more.

Mentz says, ‚ÄúAnyone can go online and find that our educational efforts are¬† TUV-accredited, ISO 29990 certified for training, and we were the first to have a direct legal agreement in 2004 with the ACBSP for certification standards, and we even had mutual public recognition with the AACSB Accreditation Agency since 2003.‚ÄĚ Some people are negligent in not understanding these fundamental historical facts.¬†Thus, Mentz said, ‚ÄúEveryone, as per our public credentialing requirements must take accredited program courses and assessment to be certified, along with having the experience, and agree to the ethics and continuing education guidelines.‚ÄĚ For example, if anyone enrolls in business schools at Yale, Harvard, LSU, CU or¬†CSU, they can take the exams, business courses and specializations to become ‚Äúeducationally qualified‚ÄĚ and ‚Äėassessment qualified‚Äô¬†for certification. Mentz even has negotiated legal trademark agreements with the CFP and CFA organizations and has the original signed contracts for anyone to see.¬†Mentz says that his organizations require express consent for anyone to become an advisor.¬†To become an honorary advisory member of our Global Academy of Finance and Management, everyone submits written consent including Dr. Harvey and Mr. Gold and we have had both Harvey and Gold’s consent letters published in public for several years.

Mentz has said, ‚ÄúMost reporters and educators are confused about the use of accredited institutional courses, exams and degrees as a path to credentialing. Some unwittingly disparage their very own universities by not understanding ACBSP and AACSB policies.¬†While the certification body offers no post-secondary diploma or certificate, it does offer professional development, designations and certifications under various Supreme Court decisions and U.S. ‘professional development rules.’‚ÄĚ

George Mentz plans on working further with e-Learning and MOOC leaders such as ACBSP Schools, AACSB Schools, ABA Accredited Law Schools, EdX, Coursera, FutureLearn, Udemy and Google Education to promote accredited courses & diploma programs as a direct path to certification. Mentz plans to help students globally achieve meaningful skills and education.

Mentz was recently member of the month for Phi Delta Phi international legal fraternity in the Barristers Brief where he discussed his accidental acquisition of the seignory of an ancient fief at auction. Counselor Mentz, using his civil law and international legal education, registered the 500+-year-old Fief in Guernsey where aspects of feudal law still exist. This fief was registered in the royal courts of Guernsey directly with the crown and enables the owner to be a titular Seigneur and also enables ownership of the foreshore and beaches and other rights. There are only a few legally recognizable fiefs remaining in the world.

New York Gazette ¬ģ – “Building the World‚Äôs Thought Leaders”¬† Est. 1725

The New York Gazette ¬ģ is The Oldest Newspaper in New York” according to the government of New York State, USA.




President Donald Trump Victory – Predicted in 2015 – by George Mentz JD MBA


In 2015, myself and my research team picked Donald Trump to win the 2016 Election over 1 year in advance while there were still 15 republican primary candidates.  The policies, platform, specifics and aggressive political stance of Mr. Trump has prevailed.  As part of the economic advisory coalition for Mr. Trump, Mr. Mentz and his team were able to make suggestions of policy, ideas and positions to the Trump Campaign to help working families with the economy, fair trade, safe streets, homeland security, jobs, fair immigration policy, rebuilding American, environmental innovation, fair taxes, and civil rights/social justice for all working families.

Mr. Mentz and his media companies and newspapers such as the Wall Street Globe and Magazine of Wall Street fully endorsed Trump before he won the Republican Primaries.

Counselor Mentz was on the Economics Advisory for Mr. Trump and was an elected delegate and Precinct Captain for Mr. Trump in the State of Colorado.  Mentz is originally from New Orleans and is an international lawyer and internationaMent Trump Prediction 2015l businessman.

Please read the 2015 prediction: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/donald-trump-endorsements-democrats-republicans-can-george

Futurist, Analyst, Lawyer РAuthor  РGeorge S. Mentz is an international award winning author, award winning professor,  and owner of international educational companies and several media outlets.  Dr. Mentz is the first person in the United States to be multi credentialed as a Lawyer, JD/Doctor of Jurisprudence, MBA, Financial Planner, Certified Financial Consultant, and Management Consultant.   * Prof. Mentz has held officer, faculty and professional positions with top business schools, banks, and Wall Street Firms while he has also consulted with Fortune 500 companies, the US government, the United Nations and leaders of other foreign nations.

Mentz holds and earned Doctor of Jurisprudence latin/JD in International Law and an MBA in International Business & Finance along with International Law Cert/Diploma/Diplomé. Mentz is an award winning professor, and has won 2 national awards for teaching excellence. Mentz has organized economics and wealth education programs at the top regions in the world and at accredited law school programs.  Mentz and his finance and management programs have been featured in the ACBSP, AACSB, Wall Street Journal, Investopedia, The Hindu National, El Norte Latin America, the Financial Times, Forbes, Black Enterprise, Reuters, AP, The China Daily, & The Arab Times. Mentz has published over 20 books and has taught over 200 law, business, & graduate level courses around the world.

Mentz was founder of the Loyola Tax and Estate Planning Law Review.¬† Prof. Mentz has been elected or nominated to the advisory boards of the Global Finance Forum in Switzerland, The Royal Society of Fellows, the and the World E-Commerce Forum in London, England. He holds a professorial faculty appointment at the Graduate LLM Law Program and has held faculty status with several business schools globally. Prof. Mentz’s companies have established educational standards, alliances and approved operations in over 40 Countries around the world. Prof. Mentz has recently been awarded a National Faculty Award, a Distinguished Faculty Award and a Meritorious Service Medal for Charitable Service, along with receiving a Team Faculty Award and honorary doctorates for his research and publications.

Mentz serves on the Advisory Board & Standards Boards of the: GAFM Board of Standards, The IFMC International Financial Management Council China, the AABFS Arab Academy of Banking and Financial Sciences, the ACCE African Chartered Economists Association, the LAC Latin Capitulo para Financiero. Mentz advised for several years to both political parties in teh USA on a consultative status to the US Government on trends in finance, investments, business, careers, and jobs to assist others in finding gainful employment or advancing in their careers. In his early career, Mentz, a political scientist, was a coalitions organizer in Washington DC advising and writing communications for a winning presidential campaign.

Mentz is the CEO of the GAFAM Global Academy of Finance and Management which is a TUV Accredited ISO Certified 29990 Educational and Training organization which is in alliance with the ACBSP and CHEA QG for standards and quality.

Prof. Mentz is an international attorney, founder of the Global Academy of Finance and Management ¬ģ ¬†¬†George can be contacted for speaking engagements at www.gmentz.com or http://www.linkedin.com/in/georgementz *No tax investment or legal advice provided herein. Please consult with a licensed professional in your jurisdiction before making any important financial or legal decision. Mentz is a licensed counselor of law LA USA.