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George Mentz Colorado Springs Professor Named to White House Commission on Presidential Scholars

George Mentz of Colorado Springs Named to Commission on Presidential Scholars by President Trump

Professor and Attorney George Mentz to serve as Commissioner for White House Scholars Program

George Mentz, Colorado Springs, Commission on Presidential Scholars

​​​​​​​​​​​President Donald Trump announced that George Mentz has been named to the White House Commission on Presidential Scholars, a who’s who of distinguished education thought-leaders charged with selecting and honoring the brightest and best youth with an annual award.

George Mentz, Esq. holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD), an MBA degree, and an International Law Graduate Certificate and he has been an educational executive, teacher, and eLearning pioneer for almost 20 years. Mentz presently is CEO for the Global Academy of Finance and Management®, which is the first body in the USA to be TUV Accredited and ISO 29990 Certified for education standards, and Mentz also works for Texas A&M Law School Graduate programs as a faculty member.

Mentz is a pioneer in corporate certification training and e-learning. Mentz has been one of the most prolific professors who has taught well over 250 college and graduate business and law courses in  last 20 years at accredited institutions. He has worked in a variety of civilian, charitable, and professorial capacities, and he has been an advisor to:  CEO’s, companies, institutions, NGO’s, officials & charities.

“I am blessed and honored to be able to provide this public service  because of the role that Presidential Commissioners play in the development of future leaders, which is the golden key to our nation’s innovation and competitiveness,” Mentz said.

The White House Commission is a group of eminent private citizens appointed by the President to honor national scholarship. Commissioners are selected from across the country, representing the fields of education, medicine, law, social services, & business.

Mentz is originally from Louisiana and has been a Colorado resident for over 10 years. Counselor Mentz graduated from law school after attending Loyola Law School in New Orleans and William & Mary Law School international law programs, and Mentz also holds an MBA from Loyola Business School along with a CILS Graduate Certificate in International Legal Studies. Mentz was chairman and founder of the Tax and Estate Planning Law Review.

In the past, Mentz engaged: research, study, law and MBA programs in Belgium, Brazil, Mexico, and Spain. Mentz served as an Economic Advisor to the Trump Campaign Colorado and served as a volunteer economist for the Department of Labor BLS  to help workers find job information during the Bush, Obama and Trump administrations.

Mentz is an international IBA award winning author and two-time award-winning professor for excellence in teaching and the first lawyer in the USA to be credentialed in international law, financial consulting, investment advisor law, and management consulting.

Mentz has authored and edited over 50 books, manuals, and audiobooks and  has provided educational opportunities and scholarships to the least fortunate people in the USA, and worldwide.  Mentz is also a proud American of European, Sicilian, Hispanic, and various other ancestry.

Counselor Mentz has served on advisory boards of the Global Finance Forum in Switzerland, Royal Society of Fellows,  World E-Commerce Forum UK, ICE Institute for Credentialing Excellence, various educational bodies, universities, & addiction treatment centers. Mentz and his educational efforts have been quoted or seen in The Wall Street Journal, El Norte Mexico, The Hindu India, Financial Times in Asia, China Daily, Arab Times, The Denver Post and others.

The Wall Street Journal in 2004 featured Mentz’s work with educational certification standards and, in 2010, the WSJ luminary Jason Zweig quoted George Mentz and his work with the nation’s top double-accredited business schools. Justin Wingerter at The Denver Post recently noted that Mentz advocates the integration of accredited degree college exams and courses as a path to certification and professional designations. Mentz has said, “Most reporters and some educators are confused about integrating accredited institutional courses, exams and degrees as a path to credentialing. While the certification body offers no post-secondary diploma or certificate, it does offer professional development, designations and certifications under various Supreme Court decisions and U.S. ‘professional development rules.’”

“Mentz says, “Anyone can go online and find that our educational efforts are  TUV-accredited & ISO 29990 certified for training. Our Academy was the first to have direct legal agreements in 2004 with the ACBSP for certification standards, and we even had mutual public recognition with the AACSB Accreditation Agency since 2003.” Thus, Mentz said, “Everyone, as per our public credentialing requirements, must take accredited program courses and assessment to be certified, along with having the experience, and agree to ethics and continuing education guidelines.” Thus, only the most deserving applicants can achieve recognition. For example, if anyone enrolls in business schools at Yale, Harvard, CU or CSU, they can take the exams, business courses and specializations to become “educationally qualified” and “assessment qualified” for certification.  Mentz negotiated legal agreements with the CFA and CFP organizations. Mentz says that his organizations requires express consent before anyone can be listed as a global advisor.

George Mentz plans on working further with universities, schools, e-Learning and MOOC leaders such as ACBSP programs, AACSB programs, EdX, Coursera, FutureLearn, Udemy and Google Education to promote accredited courses & diploma programs as a direct path to certification. Mentz plans to continue helping students globally to achieve meaningful skills and education.

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