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College Education in the 21st Century – The Future and Technology


George Mentz is now a Commissioner for the US Presidential Scholars Program. He is also a prolific educator, futurist and historian on education, human performance and business success strategy.

Courtesy of the New York Gazette®

Success scholar George Mentz’s has authored over 40 books and audiobooks including, The Wealth Management Handbook &  “The Secret Laws of Money,” discusses innovative ways to practically apply:  wealth management, financial planning, project management,  and prosperity strategies in daily life. Inspired by Ben Franklin, Sun Tzu, and Marcus Aurelius among others, Mentz says that, “Achievement can be greatly enhanced with just a 1-3% increase in daily performance.” “Fundamentally, education, skills and credentials are keys to success.”

George Mentz is also an award winning author, scholar of success books and law professor. Mentz says that the research of proven success strategies has paid off for countless people.  One of his mottos is “The wings of achievement are based on proven successful models”.

Mentz says, a desire for success, unifies the major business and human performance traditions. People take for granted the principles of success.  Success books are something original to America as the USA was one of the first nations to allow a free press where individuals could write and speak about individualism, entrepreneurship, seeking careers, and creating prosperity.  If you look at the writings of Benjamin Franklin or Emerson, you can see the basic principles of individual success. It was a relatively new idea in early America that you could be, do and have what you legally wanted if you were willing to work for it.

What inspired your research and books?

I was initially intrigued by the idea that if you can model yourself after the mindset of great people, you can achieve success.  Later I found that even the most successful people usually were inspired by a book or a person.  Finding out what smart or happy people do and think to achieve results began to be one of my lifetime goals. It became a study of the consciousness of success.

In reading self help books, what do you seek to learn?

You can read a whole book on success and maybe get just one or two key nuggets of success from the book.  However, that one little nugget can be a life saver or the real secret to achieving success in a particular area such as: Sports, Business, Survival, Health, Relationships,  Investing or even Taxation.

What have success books taught you?

In the USA, we have learned that we may have 5-10 careers in a lifetime. I have learned that you don’t have to be or do just one thing.  Generally, it is always best to focus and become the best at your niche, but you can do more.  Many people have jobs that they like, but want more authentic expression.  To them, I would say to find a hobby, volunteer work,  or other jobs that you love to do on the side if you can.  In my case, I have education standards companies, but I also have been teaching for over 20 years.  I have taught and designed over 300 courses of law and business in the last 20 years and won various teaching awards of which I am very proud of. Very few people have done this amount of teaching in a lifetime. So, in my hobby, I actually have become a pioneer and leader in the areas of e-learning and learning technology.

Where do you think that education and success education is headed?

Well, there will be much more online learning using Apps and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) with companies such as EdX.  People will learn from tablets, phones, desktops and televisions from anywhere in the world.  I have actually taught live or lectured online from Arabia, Asia, EU and Latin America to students around the world.  People still demand onsite VIP training and certification programs, but the colleges are changing quickly.  Many 3rd and 4th tier colleges and law schools will continue to struggle unless they can innovate and offer hybrid online programs and customized masters programs.

Do you think educational curriculums will change?

Business Schools will continue to innovate.  Of course, they will continue to have courses in accounting, economics, management, law, leadership, marketing, and finance.  However, there may continue to be an expanded focus on legal courses and courses on success.  There are methodologies to success in life and business, and the typical curriculums are not covering key ideas of how to start businesses in the USA and abroad, running a business, local or global selling, abiding by regulations, global entrepreneurship, etc.

How can people who can’t afford education proceed?

Many people will begin to use major MOOCs such as FutureLearn, EdX, Coursera, Udemy, and others to complete online courses and diplomas.  Many students will take short courses as a path to achieve certifications, professional designations, and licenses.

What about Traditional Colleges in the next few years?

We may be transitioning to a time where more and more students will use the global degree format where they study and engage experiential work in a few different cities or countries while not being on campus. A student can take credentials such as project management certification or financial planning certification online.  The reality is that a really cool GAP year traveling the world can provide an amazing education and can be much cheaper than one year on a traditional campus.

Biography:  ** Commissioner George Mentz JD MBA CWM Chartered Wealth Manager ® is a licensed attorney and CEO of GAFM ® global education, which is an ISO 29990 Certified professional development company operating in over 50 nations. Mentz is an award-winning author and advisory board member to several companies around the world in education, charities, and FinTech. Mentz holds a (JD) Doctor of Jurisprudence degree, and MBA, and a Graduate International Law Diploma/Certificate along with federal and state law licenses. Mentz and his companies have been seen in The Hindu, the El Norte Mexico, Newsmax, The China Daily, The Arab Times, The Hill, The Wall Street Journal, The Week UK,  Denver Post, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, FOX and many more.