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New Book – THE ART OF BECOMING WEALTHY by: George Mentz



This book is both practical and magical. It can and will help you produce a greater life if you take the suggestions listed herein. Give this one book a chance to lift you to a new higher level of happiness, health and success. You deserve it. If you have read books by Tim Ferris, Brene Brown, Joel Osteen, Michael Beckwith, Rev Ike, T Harv Ekar, Napoleon Hill, Oprah Winfrey, Gabrielle Bernstein, Michelle Obama, Peter Drucker, or Donald Trump, then here is your chance to get those extra nugents of success that can help you break out to new levels of happiness and wealth. This is a condensed encyclopedia of success strategies and tactics. This books is designed to be a VIP refresher on mental and spiritual issues of: wealth, success, spirituality, metaphysics, business, mindset, philosophy, and consciousness. This is the mini MBA of Mindfulness and Performance.



At any age, people may need to reboot their lives. Some need to start over completely;   some may need a new start or a leg up in life. These ideas are critical to those who want advanced growth in their life. If you are familiar with cognitive therapy, boot camps, or 12 step work, you know that in 6 months to a year, a person’s life can fundamentally change and be redirected toward usefulness, a higher purpose, or a destiny of their calling.

This Book contains 12 individual “Bio Hacking” [i] steps to innovation, success, health, wealth, and prosperity.

These steps are a framework for a radical advancement of your life, mindset, performance, and success. Read these concepts carefully, using a dictionary if you must. Each sentence within each step may be the most important concept that you have ever read. Some ideas may seem trivial when compared to the major issues going on in your life; however, the steps are for a broad audience looking for growth and advancement.

If you can dig deep and change yourself from the inside out, and begin to use great habits on a daily basis, you begin to stack the cosmic cards of life in your favor and you win at life’s celestial casino going forward. Famous sales gurus often say that the difference between failure and great success can be as little as 2% more effort each day than other folks. Thus, we must all learn to control our dominant thoughts and habits while rejecting and avoiding needless scarcity and struggle based thinking. All pessimists have is their opinion of failure and “they are determined to be right about what is wrong with this world.” As they say, belief is the acceptance of something as truth. Once you accept a belief, that acceptance begins to create new realities for you and you begin to experience life in a whole new way.



New Books and Audio Books by George Mentz who is an Award Winning Success Author – Wealth Management Professor and member of the Commission Presidential Scholars

Professor Mentz is one of the top writers in the world in the areas of human performance, wealth management,  and self-actualization.   He is one of the few self-help thought leaders who speaks and writes in the areas of metaphysics and human performance while also having Wall Street Firm experience as a wealth management advisor.  Very few authors in the world have held a Doctorate of Jurisprudence, and MBA, and investment banking licenses but George Mentz has done all of these things.  Further, Mentz is one of the most prolific professors in modern history teaching and designing over 300 courses both onsite and online for law schools and business schools worldwide. Most professors only teach 120 or fewer courses in an entire career.  Prof. Mentz was recently honored to become a US  Commissioner for the Presidential Scholars Program in the USA and has volunteered for the Federal Government and various Charities for many years.

Here are books and analyses that Mentz has authored or written in the last few years.  Dr./Jur. Mentz has authored over 50 books and audiobooks in the last few years. Most of his books focus on business school topics such as investments, wealth management or project management while many of his books focus on human performance, self-actualization, and spirituality. In the last decade, Mentz has been able to synthesize some of these topics to create bestselling and award-winning empowerment literature.

Here are a few of his recent books which you can view here:  Best Success Books

  1. Summary and Analysis of The Science of Getting Rich – The Prosperity Manifesto of Wallace Wattles
  2. Summary and Analysis of The Power of Now  – Practicing Mindfulness Synopsis of Being Contemplative in Action
  3. The Secret Habits of Manifesting Success & Prosperity The Extreme Art of Becoming Highly Effective
  4. Top 25 Greatest Business Books  – Classics on Success – Leadership – Prosperity & Self Help: The Keys to Success Not Taught at Harvard Yale & Stanford
  5. Wealth Management Handbook  The Intelligent Investor Guide to Financial Planning & Investing Principles  #1 Best Seller 2019
  6. 50 Laws of Power of the Illuminati –  A Guide to the Secrets Habits Metaphysics and Spiritual Strategies of Highly Effective Successful People
  7. The Illuminati Secret Laws of Money –  The Wealth Mindset Manifesto: The Life-Changing Magic and Habits of Spiritual Mastery
  8. Making Money   Guide to Investing  – How You Can Be a BadAss Intelligent Investor and Wealth Manager: Unshakeable Life-Changing Financial Strategies
  9. Think and Grow Rich – Pocket Summary of the Concepts and Philosophy of Dr. Napoleon Hill with Charles Haanel Master Key System Bonus Section
  10. The Law of Attraction – The Greatest Books on Prosperity – Summaries of Wallace Wattles – Napoleon Hill – Charles Haanel – Thomas Troward – Robert Collier – William Walker Atkinson: Get Power Now
  11. Masters of the Secrets –   The Science of Getting Rich and Master Key System Expanded Bestseller Version
  12. It Works The Power of Success –  The Greatest Success Secrets Ever Known
  13. Summary of  – As a Man Thinketh by James Allen

For speaking and teaching engagements, please go to the George Mentz website.  Commissioner Mentz can speak and teach on the areas of: Wealth Management, Investments, Financial Planning, Risk Management, Legal Strategy for Business, Startups, Entrepreneurship, Educational Innovation, Personal Achievement  Strategy, Personal Empowerment, Spirituality and Success and much more.   Mentz holds an MBA, and Graduate International Law Diploma/Certificate, and a Doctor of  Jurisprudence after attending courses sponsored by  Loyola, Tulane, and William and Mary Law School where he studied in the US, Latin America, and Europe.  Mentz also was awarded a Doctor of Spiritual Studies from the Emerson Institute based on his research and publications.   Mentz was a Senior Wealth Management Advisor for a Wall Street Firm and is the USA’s first professor to teach Wealth Management at an ABA Accredited Law School. Mentz serves on the Commission for Presidential Scholars in the USA.  Mentz is a licensed counselor of law in the USA EDLA and President of the Mentz Law Firm LLC which handles consumer protection law, defamation, class action lawyer work and consumer fraud lawsuits.